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LittleTiles extends the way you build in Minecraft. It offers little pieces, similar to miniature versions of already existing blocks. These can be used to build whatever you have in mind but with much more details in it. These little pieces (also called tiles) can be combined to form a door, a table, a chair, a ladder or whatever you have in mind.

Performance was one of the major issues. High RAM usage, long chunk update time (causing lag spikes) and overall rendering (lowered FPS) limited the amount of what you could built with it. Eventually I threaded the rendering code and introduced several optimizations to a point where performance isn't a problem anymore.

It is the project of my heart, as it makes my old dreams come true. I meet many people through discord, who enjoyed this mod and shared their builds. I heard about grandparents playing with LittleTiles together with their grandchildren, which was beyond my expectations.

There were times this mod was entirely broken, because I released an update too early or underestimated the time it would require fixing it. I had to structure my vision and setup a plan. Prioritize my tasks, work on known issues, improve performance, sort out limitations, try to implement suggestions made by the community and learn to use GitHub properly.

LittleTiles is built upon a solid foundation, otherwise it would be impossible for me to stabilize it and working on new features. There are still many things to come. This mod reinvented itself several times now and it would do it again and again.

Furthermore, a product needs a good presentation to get popular. Therefore, I worked on trailers and showcase videos.


VintageStory is a small indie game inspired by Minecraft. I responsibly for the Mod API and I am happy to be part of it, having discussions and working with other nice people.

It is a game about innovation and exploration. It thrusts the player into a carefully-generated semi-autonomous world and challenges them to survive and overcome the natural and unknown threats of their new home. Intrepid players who accept this challenge will find themselves rewarded with mechanics that respects their intelligence and allows for tangible, realistic invention. In addition, they’ll find a world with its own character and a deep, interconnected narrative within it. It aims to reach the next level of quality in the voxel sandbox genre, as we, a small dedicated team, relentlessly expand it with story elements, more creation tools and survival elements.

Originally, Vintage Story started as a mod to Minecraft, but its cumbersome mod API compelled us to create our vision within a custom, cross-platform game engine written in C# and OpenGL. We were heavily Inspired by the TerraFirmaCraft mod and aims to offer a new hope for the starved TFC community.


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The Stranded Man

The Stranded Man is a minecraft movie series.

It was my main project for a very long time. Some of my mods contained features just for this series. It was the reason why I created LittleTiles as I wanted to build more detailed scenery.

It all began due to a visit of a friend, where we sat down together and worked on the first episode (Episode 1). It was/is terrible and only available in German. But this did not stop us.

The following episodes were a lot better, as I learned more about how to use a video editor. Specially my voice over got more bearable. Unfortunately it took a lot longer to produce an episode. It took 1.5 years for the first season to finish (contained 10 episodes).

Since there was a massive difference in quality between the episodes. I wanted to make a reboot and start all over. Unfortunately I only produced one episode and never found time to continue this reboot. So, this first episode seems to be the last one.

The biggest issue is to find other people willing to help, as it is impossible to everything by my own. I still hope to pick it up at some point. To create another reboot, with a group willing to finish the entire first season.


I am a passionate software engineer.

A long time, a classmate gave me a HTML Book about how to create a simple website. I was fascinated by the possibilities and got hooked into it immediately. Since then I have spent countless hours playing around with programming whenever I had some free time. It started with a terrible looking website, followed by some simple flash games and eventually a more advanced website including a backend (PHP).

Besides of a few books I read at the beginning, I learned almost everything by doing it myself. I set up huge plans, just to realize that I was not ready for it yet. But this did not stop me, there was always something which made me continue. The passion for games and the idea creating something yourself helped me to overcome my flaws.

Furthermore, I never had the feeling I would not be able to do something, I just needed more time to learn it. I might have been naive, thinking I could achieve anything, but it helped me to push boundaries beyond my imagination.

In short, something that started as a hobby has grown to a point where I am ready to make it a future. Over the years I could expand my knowledge, learn how to manage and optimize my workflow. There was always a challenge right around the corner. Mathematical problems (e.g. taking care of collision or implementing a combining-algorithm), performance optimizations, cooperation (with other content creators) and specially the documentation and presentation of my projects.

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